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Chester Chronicle – Friday 12 March 1841

Ploughing.—On Monday, the 22nd ult, a great number of people assembled at Leighton-hall farm, in the hundred of Wirral and county of Chester, to witness a ploughing day given to Mr. John Garner, (who is leaving Stand-park farm, under the Earl of Sefton; and going to Leighton-hall farm, under the Hon. Lloyd Mostyn.) by upwards of fifty the most influential farmers in the neighbourhood, who all seemed highly ‘ pleased with him as a neighbour, and wishful to render him any assistance their power. Upwards of sixty acres were turned over all stubble except about four acres of ley. Mr. Garner went among them as a perfect stranger, and has met with the most favourable reception; he is also well known in Lancashire as a first rate practical farmer. There was a cold collation on the field, for all that would partake ; consisting of two prime rounds of beef of superior weight, bread, cheese and plenty of nut brown ale of the very best. The day was fine, and all went off the field well pleased.

Match.—On the Wednesday following, a match for a sum of Money, previously made, the challenge having been previously given by Mr. Quay, came off in a four year-old ley field, belonging to Mr. William Quay, farmer, in the immediate neighbourhood, between Mr. Quay’s best ploughman, and one of Mr. Garner’s men, which was satisfactorily decided in favour of Mr. Garner—Mr. Garner then proposed, that, as they had each four ploughmen, they had better match for another sum, Lancashire v Cheshire, each of these four men, which was readily accepted by Mr. Quay ; he (Mr. Quay) being allowed to choose the umpire, named Mr. Cooper, near Chester, who decided in favour of all Mr. Gamer’s four men, who ploughed with four iron ploughs made Mr. John Hamilton, of Torthorwald, near Dumfries. We understand that Mr. Garner has two men entered for the premiums, given the Liverpool Agricultural Society, to ploughed for at Bold-hall, Lancashire, on the 9th