Neston Female Friendly Society (Ladies Club)

Neston Female Friendly Society was established in January 1814 and continues to this day as the Neston Female Society, although it is known locally as Ladies Club. It was certainly not the first or largest female friendly society in the country but it is arguably unique in that the annual walk, held on the first Thursday in June, still continues as day enjoyed by the whole town. There are a number of reasons which may account for its survival in an age when the financial support offered by a friendly society is no longer necessary and when other similar societies have long ceased to exist: the annual walk quickly became an event which was celebrated by the whole town (and, at the height of its popularity, by surrounding areas) and the decision to include local schoolchildren in the walk as well as society members also increased its popularity.

The following pages record the history of the society and the people who helped to make it a success.

The First Hundred Years

1817 Rules and 1818 Amendment

Founder Members

John Cliffe, First Surgeon to the Society

Are You a Descendent of Ellen Pyke?

125th Anniversary, 1939

Sarah Pinnington (nee Pyke) and Her Descendants

Club Day Discord – 1897

Angelina Jane (Dolly) Bushell (1882-1972)

Fiftieth Anniversary 1864

1911 Rules

Centenary 1914

Lady Patronesses 1814 – 2015

Secretaries 1814 – Present

1960 – The Year the Beatles Came to Ladies Club